places to travel

1Zamiin Bulga, Bogd Khan mountain16beginner, intermediatecan choose the route (mountain or steppe area)
2Grand Maitreya project, Bogd Khan mountain16beginner, intermediatemountain or steppe area. The process of National  project
3Bogd khan mountain415beginner, intermediate, professionalmountain and steppe area. Riding in beautiful picturesque mountain.
4Manjusri temple, Bogd khan mountain630intermediate, professionalmountain and steppe area. Traditional  temple
5Tsetsee gun, Bogd khan mountain840professionalmountain and steppe area.
6Trans Siberian Railways 16beginner, intermediatecan choose the route (mountain or steppe area)
7Salkhit Wind Farm420intermediate, professionalMongolian first wind farm and picturesque mountain
8Gorkhi-Terelj national parkday45By carMongolian national park
9Chingis Khan Statueday45By carSightseeing area
10XIII century national parkday90By carSightseeing area